BODYBAR Fitness Fort Worth

BODYBAR fitness Fort Worth offers Pilates inspired high-intensity training in an instructor led classroom setting using the amazing Allegro II Reformer and Exo Chair. If you want to build strength, without bulking-up, and increase flexibility and stamina, this is the best workout in Fort Worth! When you try a BODYBAR Pilates class for the first time it may very well change your life! Our fitness bar offers a fun, friendly, challenging workout that gives you a place to disconnect from the matrix for 50-minutes and focus on your physical and mental wellbeing.

By engaging in light cardio to start your class you will burn stored-fat throughout the workout as the remainder of our training focuses on building lean, long, strong physiques that are balanced, athletic and real! So grab your friends and come on down to your local fitness bar to experience Pilates in Fort Worth like it’s never been done before! See you at the bar. Cheers!

Location Information:
3232 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107